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Open Waters

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Diving into Christianity 

“It’s different when you grow up in the church. Being surrounded by Christianity from such a young age makes it easy to understand what you hear.”

For years I listened to people, both Christian and not, say to me that being raised in the church gave me some sort of ‘head start’ on my search for spirituality. In some ways they are right. It was in Sunday School where I learned to love the stories from the Bible. It was during worship where I first felt the presence of God around me. But sitting in the pews for the first 18 years of my life was not where I came to understand what being a Christian means.

After graduating high school and leaving home to start college, looking for God was the last thing on my mind. I felt no burning desire to nurture my faith or to know more about my God. After leaving my home I spent 6 months gathering buckets full of earthly ‘water’ to build my ocean where I hoped to plant my island. But instead of floating on top of it all, I slowly started to drown. Submerged in my schoolwork, relationships, negative thoughts, and bad habits I could no longer control the waves the world was tossing at me.

I remember thinking “What am I missing? Why can’t I handle what life is throwing at me?” when I heard a voice ask “What are you searching for?” If I was asked that months earlier, I would’ve replied with “Nothing, I have all I need here.” But sitting on my bedroom floor I knew I needed more. I was searching for sanctuary, a relationship, for peace and love.

I wasn’t a Christian because I had been to church, because I owned a Bible, or because I could recite a few scriptures. I was a Christian because I yearned for a relationship with my God, with Jesus Christ. It was in those following months that I truly embraced my faith. I broke down the damns holding in my ocean of worries and instead of swimming in that water, I dove into the living water. I am no longer fearful of drowning, for Jesus is my life boat, my calm to the stormy waters.

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